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Lil Wayne Arrested

Despite being just 24 years old, rapper lil wayne is a hip hop veteran. Rising to fame in his teenage years leading the charge of Southern rappers while in the influential Cash Money Millionaires crew, Lil Wayne had a string of hits before the age of 20. However, by the time that lil wayne released Da Carter, many people considered him to be a has been. However, the last few years has been a revelation, as lil wayne lyrics have improved to the point where his boasts of being ‘the greatest rapper alive,’ have to be taken seriously. Flooding the market with lil wayne freestyles and lil wayne mixtapes, Lil Wayne has risen to the top as hip hop’s most potent star. With his future looking bright, Lil Wayne rolled into New York on July 22 to perform his first major solo show in the city that gave birth to hip hop. Anticipation was at a fever pitch and scalpers were selling tickets to the show for over $100 despite the fact that it was at the tiny Beacon Theatre in Manhattan.
Lil Wayne’s peers also came out in full force, as rappers like Juelz Santana, Kanye West, and Ja Rule made cameos during the live performance and give some love to the hardest working rapper lil wayne. While it would seem like the perfect opportunity for Lil Wayne to bask in the glory of his success, unfortunately his concert attracted attention from an unwanted source: New York City cops. With rappers in the city already complaining about a hip hop police unit that is designed to shadow them, Lil Wayne and his friends found police hassling them and the concert was nearly cancelled after the police threatened to block some of the rappers from entering the club where they were performing.
Eventually things were smoothed over and Lil Wayne entered the stage like a conquering hero. Wearing a vintage Run DMC shirt, rapper lil wayne tore the stage up with his fiery presence and his trademark lil wayne freestyles. Eventually, lil wayne and birdman, his mentor and CEO of Cash Money Records, closed the show with a couple of songs that had the crowd going wild. Warning that this may be his last show ever in New York due to the hassle that he had to go through with NYC police, Lil Wayne made sure that he left a lasting impression. Guests like Ja Rule and Kanye West graced the show to perform their own hits and to do collaborations with Lil Wayne.
Leaving the stage a conquering hero, if you aint know lil wayne has a complicated life, then you surely do now. After the show ended, lil wayne and his entourage were leaving on their tour bus when police stopped and searched the bus after claiming to have smelt marijuana. Eventually, lil wayne was charged for possessing a .40 caliber pistol and another member of his crew was charged with drug possession. In eerily similar news, Ja Rule was arrested that same night also for weapon possession.
Spending the night in jail, Lil Wayne was released on Monday morning and will have to appear in court for weapons possession in November. Although there may be some validity to the claim, lil wayne and his fellow rappers do have a legitimate complaint about how much the New York City police had seemingly targeted them. We’ll see how this plays out in the court of law and on lil wayne’s next mixtape, where he will undoubtedly share his views on the incident and on NYC police.