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Britney Spears Not OK

Britney Spears was recently interviewed by celebrity magazine, OK. It would have been britney’s big chance to show the world that she’s not crazy and that she’s got her career back on track. Unfortunately for britney, she wasn’t able to redeem herself in this interview. Instead she came off worse than ever before. OK magazine is not the kind of magazine that trashes celebrities and is one of the few almost libel-free celebrity magazines out there.
However, the story they published about britney spears’ recent interview and photo shoot did not portray the pop princess in a flattering light. OK magazine says that despite efforts to patch up the failed interview and shoot with britney spears, she hadn’t given them enough to work with. Instead they published a story about her erratic behaviour and miserable interview. Britney was apparently completely incoherent for parts of the interview and behaved very unprofessionally. Sources say britney was eating fried chicken during the interview and wiping her greasy fingers on her designer gown. During her interview with go, britney was supposed to promote her upcoming album and show the world that the rumours of her wild behaviour and seemingly unstable state were untrue. Instead, britney has only fuelled the fire. Britney is currently shooting videos for her new album. One of her new videos includes a segment of britney doing a strip-dancing routine. Apparently britney couldn’t get the moves down and went into hysterics on set. After bursting into tears, she stormed off the set and went home for the day to compose herself. Though britney spears is getting a bad rap from all the celebrity magazines, we shouldn’t expect her career to fizzle out anytime soon.
Despite presenting herself as completely crazy and a little bit dumb, britney spears is a force to be reckoned with. She is an excellent businesswoman with a successful music career and although she hasn’t released a new album in ages, she has managed to stay in the news all along. She is incredibly wealthy and has almost single-handedly built the britney spears empire. She has sold millions of albums around the world and has become a sex symbol to many men and a role model for young girls. Britney Spears was singing and performing at a very young age and got her career off the ground when she made the cut for the Mickey Mouse Club, alongside other celebrities-to-be like Justin Timberlake. Perhaps the wild interviews and dramatic love life is just another of britney’s marketing ploys to ensure she isn’t forgotten by the time she releases her new album. In fact, it’s not just britney who’s competing for tabloid headlines with her crazy antics and shocking behaviour. It seems the newest Hollywood craze among young female stars is to check into rehab for drug and alcohol abuse. From Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie to Kate Moss, Brigitte Neilsen, Lindsay Lohan, and of course, Britney Spears, celebrity rehab’s becoming old news. The latest celebrity news stint is getting arrested for drunk driving. Perhaps britney spears is saving that one for a rainy day.