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Nicole Richie is going to jail

Over the last year, Nicole Richie has gone through a number of ups and downs. From being arrested for driving under the influence to finding her soul mate in garish front man of the band Good Charlotte, Joel Madden, to seemingly finding stability in the news that she is pregnant, Nicole Richie recently discovered that despite seemingly turning the page in her life that she still has to face the consequences of her earlier actions. At a time where Hollywood starlets are getting into legal trouble due to their inability to not drive after a night of partying, the gossip that circulated that nicole richie may be able to avoid jail time due to her pregnancy and reformed ways was unfounded. Considering that her friend and more powerful celebrity, Paris Hilton, was unable to avoid her stint in jail for driving with a suspended license despite her many efforts to circumvent the law, it should really come as no surprise that Nicole Richie was unable to avoid the consequence of breaking the law. While this may seem troubling to the numerous Nicole Richie fans out there including the ones that obsess about nicole richie hair, it really seems natural when you consider the trajectory of Nicole Richie’s life so far. If you take a look at the nicole richie biography you will be able to see a number of bad decisions that she has managed to bounce back from and go on to bigger and better things. The adopted daughter of r&b icon Lionel Richie and the goddaughter of Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones, Nicole Richie has always enjoyed the finer things in life. However, in many cases this has been to her detriment. Nicole Richie skyrocketed to fame when it was announced that nicole richie and paris hilton were going to play off their image and reality of being trust fund babies by living like regular people in the reality TV show, The Simple Life. The show’s success was partially due to the growing notoriety of the heiress Paris Hilton who was getting acknowledged as the queen of the young Hollywood party scene. However, with her trademark pluck and her renowned partying lifestyle, Nicole Richie soon joined her good friend as a favorite tabloid subject. However, the comically thin girl soon found that the scrutiny got to her. As paris hilton and nicole richie became bigger stars, that meant that there was more attention heaped on them. On February 2003, Nicole Richie had her first run in with the law when she was arrested for driving with a suspended driver’s license. Oh, she was also charged for possessing heroin, which she some how managed to avoid jail time for. A couple of years later, the nicole richie and paris hilton friendship seemed over. Despite reconciling a few months later and restarting work on The Simple Life, both paris hilton and nicole richie didn’t really need to do any more work as they had become entrenched as tabloid superstars. Eventually Nicole Richie’s partying ways got her into trouble again with law. It was a fateful night on December 11, 2006, when Nicole Richie was found driving her SUV the wrong way on the freeway. After the police eventually stopped her car for reckless behavior, they discovered that Nicole Richie was high on Vicodin and pot. Considering the severity of these charges, many people wondered whether Nicole Richie was following the dangerous trend of young Hollywood starlets partying their way into trouble. Strangely enough, Nicole Richie seems to have turned a new leaf over in her life finding stability in her new relationship to Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden. The news of her pregnancy has made Nicole Richie give up the drinks and the drugs and seems indicative that the former enfant terrible has finally matured. However, there is still the whole issue of paying your debt to society and Nicole Richie seems resigned to having to do jail time. After pleading guilty to her DUI charge on July 27, 2007, Nicole Richie was sentenced to serve four days at either a city or county jail. Additionally, she was fined $2,048, was put on three years probation, and has to complete a 21 day alcohol education course. While it’s a bit jarring to see so many young female celebrities running afoul with the law, how on earth does being busted for drugs while driving on the wrong side of the freeway only come with a four day jail term? That’s an absurdly small punishment.