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Al Gore III is guilty

When Al Gore lost the presidential election in 2000 to George W. Bush, many people wondered how he could bounce back. The controversial election loss and the ensuing court drama dragged on and it seemed like the former Vice President to Bill Clinton was ready to recede into the shadows as a political footnote. Things really didn’t look good when after he conceded the election to Bush, Al Gore essentially disappeared from the public. When he did reemerge, he was notably thicker and grew a huge stubby beard that left many of his supporters concerned with his emotional wellbeing and his detractors doubled over in laughter.
Well over the last seven years, Al Gore has made a triumphant comeback and is arguably the most popular Democrat in the country. The key to his political revival has been his rejection of running for political office again and focusing on the issues that he is passionate about. His documentary movie, An Inconvenient Truth was essentially a glorified classroom lecture that featured Gore speaking with reverence about what global warming has done to the planet and what it will continue to do if environmental measures weren’t changed. The movie went on to become a massive success and helped make protecting the environment from global warming one of the hottest political causes. It used to be that Al Gore had a staid image and was viewed as boring and not very cool. People continue to make jokes about the claim that al gore invented the internet and considered him as a meticulous political mover that was just passionate about becoming President. It’s amazing to see how much the perception has changed on Al Gore and people support al gore global warming campaign.
The recent Live Earth benefit concerts was a truly international affair and helped show of Gore’s newfound cache among the youth. However, much like his nemesis george w bush, Al Gore has found that while he may be sure handed when it comes to tackling global issues in an attempt to save the world that raising children is something that he doesn’t completely have under his control. Recently, Al Gore’s son, al gore iii was arrested for possessing marijuana and a coterie of other drugs. Much like young Hollywood starlets like Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan al gore iii was pulled over by the police after he was found speeding in his Prius on an Orange County freeway. When pulled over for driving over 100 mph on the freeway, the police found numerous drugs in Al Gore III’s possession.
On Monday July 30, Al Gore III plead guilty to these charges. In total, al gore iii plead guilt to two felony counts of drug possession, one misdemeanor count for possessing marijuana and two additional misdemeanor charges of possessing drugs without a prescription. In a country where many states have minimal sentencing for drug possession charges, al gore iii managed to get off extremely lightly. The judge for the case made a deal with the former vice president’s son stating that his guilty plea could be withdrawn under the condition that al gore iii completes a drug diversion program. Considering that Al Gore III is set to be sentenced on February 7, there is ample time for the junior to Al Gore Jr. to complete the drug diversion program and avoid jail time. Will al gore iii be able to confront the inconvenient truth of drugs? Time will tell.