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Chilean Soccer Players Now Recall Assaulting Canadian Cops

The conduct of the Chilean soccer team at the 2007 U-20 FIFA world cup, hosted this year in Canada, has earned them the reputation of sore losers, sore winners, and poor sportsmen at best. The events surrounding Chile’s third place win at the 2007 world cup put a damper on the entire tournament. The Chilean team’s bad attitude and disgusting behavour overshadowed their impressive performance on the field. In the final minutes of the Chile-Argentina semi-final match, the ref missed an obvious call on a foul by an Argentinean player, which could have cost chile a goal. Chile lost the final three-nil and the entire Chilean team charged the refs on the field immediately after the game. Canadian police had to intervene to escort the refs off the field safely but were attacked by Now Recall Assaulting Canadian Cops Chilean players in the process.
After the game, the Chilean soccer association accused police of using excessive force and called canada a racist Chilean-hating country. Canada got a lot of bad publicity from the whole ordeal, which tainted their induction into the world of soccer This was Canada’s first time hosting a major soccer event and was also the first time many Canadians took an interest in the sport. With the brand new soccer stadium finished just in time for the first world cup game and record-setting ticket sales for many of the games, soccer fans across canada were eagerly anticipating the big event. Canadians made a good turnout at the Canada-Chile match, which happened to fall on Canada Day. Unfortunately, in a disgraceful display of poor spirit, Chilean fans sang their national anthem over the Canadian anthem when it came Canada’s turn. The Canadian team made a valiant effort but lost a tight match to chile, not scoring a single goal in the tournament. On the day of the final match, Chile was to play Austria for third place, followed by the Argentina-Czech match for first. Chilean fans stood outside the stadium, handcuffed to fences and holding signs to protest the Canadian police’s human rights atrocities of the previous game.
Days later, after conducting a full investigation, a report was released relating the events of the semifinal match. Chilean players had apparently kicked and spat on cops and punched one female officer in the face. Police had to cuff some of the players and tazered another because they could not restrain them. Chilean players then admitted that they had indeed beaten the canadian police officers that day. The officers who were assaulted very graciously chose not to press charges against Chilean players because they felt that much of the aggression came with the emotion of the game. Of course, the Chilean players were foolish to make such wild accusations when they were being broadcast on national television with twenty thousand fans in the stadium who witnessed the event.