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Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton are unemployed

In today’s economy, young people are finding it difficult to obtain jobs that they find interesting and have a chance for career advancement or to retain these excellent jobs. Competition is fierce and there are many factors out there that can potentially make a person go from the top of the world of having a successful job to desperately trying to find work while maintaining their self-confidence. Unfortunately on July 31, two young women that have managed to transcend their lack of talent to anchor a surprisingly successful reality TV show just found out that they are now out of a day job. It was 2003 when sexy paris hilton and nicole richie were able to get their break and enter the working world. While the then 22 year old Paris Hilton has established herself in New York as paris hilton model, the then 21 year old Nicole Richie was still relying on the help given to her by her adopted father, 80s pop legend and the most popular Commodore, Lionel Richie. Facing a problem that many in their peer group faced and having to face a tough job market without the benefit of university degrees, nicole richie and paris hilton understood that they had to dig deep and come up with an innovative way to get day jobs. That year their lives would drastically change as Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie somehow convinced the Fox Network to take a chance on them with a reality TV show. Titled The Simple Life, nicole richie and paris hilton’s new show followed the girls as they had to leave the comfort of their fabulously wealthy parents and go out on their own and get real jobs. Viewers couldn’t get enough of the socialite paris hilton having to adjust to living on a farm and people were overjoyed with the rewriting of the nicole richie biography in which the spoiled rich girl is now fending for herself. The popularity of The Simple Life helped propel paris hilton and nicole richie into big time celebrity, the two undoubtedly buoyed by the boost in confidence that comes with having a steady job. Eventually the two dynamos found that this extra attention was a gift and a curse. Somewhere along the line, paris hilton news became a regular fixture on the news, although the paris hilton in jail story was somewhat a legitimate news item. With hot paris hilton watching her career skyrocket and branching out into acting and singing, Nicole Richie was left to watch from the sightlines. Watching the burgeoning friendship between britney spears and paris hilton and being inundated with paris hilton photos and paris hilton pics on a daily basis couldn’t have been good on Richie’s self-esteem and the two best friends forever stopped their friendship for a period of time. However, nicole richie and paris hilton eventually reconciled and it seemed like things were going well with The Simple Life. The show featured silly paris hilton quotes but would sometimes get deep with either nicole richie or paris hilton crying when sad things happened. Unfortunately, the show was cancelled on July 31 due to intense overexposure that the two have had. After all, both nicole richie and paris hilton were arrested and had or will have to serve jail time this year. The news must be particularly hard on Nicole Richie as the news of nicole richie pregnant with the singer from Good Charlotte have just recently been confirmed. At least, Paris Hilton has worked extensively outside of The Simple Life. One walk through a gallery of paris hilton recent activities will turn up her stint as an amateur porn star in the paris hilton sex tape that shows paris hilton exposed.