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Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are Engaged

It’s been a wild twelve months for The Simple Life star and Lionel Richie’s adopted daughter, Nicole Richie. The petite nicole richie has gone from being one of the poster girls for Hollywood’s out of control young starlets to a woman that is embracing her pregnancy and perhaps a life of traditional family values. On December 11, 2006, nicole richie seemed like she was following the tragic blueprint of the nicole richie biography. The aspiring singer was arrested that day by the police after she was discovered driving her SUV down the wrong way of the freeway. When she was stopped, the police discovered a stoned nicole richie, which wasn’t all of that surprising considering in 2003, she was stopped by police for driving with a suspended license and for possessing heroin. However, nicole richie has undergone a magical transformation over the last few months. Finding stability in her relationship with good charlotte frontman, joel madden, Nicole Richie seems like she’s ready to turn over a new leaf. It’s amazing looking at the parallels in the recent lives of nicole richie and paris hilton. Rocketing to international stardom with their reality TV hit, The Simple Life, paris hilton and nicole richie soon became famous for their hard partying ways. Much like Richie, paris hilton was recently arrested for a driving misdemeanor. However, unlike Paris Hilton who famously acted like a bit of a drama queen in her attempt to leave jail due to a medical condition only to be dragged back to jail, nicole richie seems committed to serving time. Of course, when your jail time is only four days, it probably wouldn’t be worth making a huge fuss. A woman who was best known for the unique mix of nicole richie hairstyles, Richie seems like she’s poised to become a leading example of how to act for young Hollywood stars. Perhaps this is predominantly due to the calming influence of good charlotte joel madden. Taking a read into good charlotte lyrics is like listening to the complaints of a teenager. However, the kids love them and thousands of people scour the interweb each day in search of their favorite good charlotte mp3. Teens everywhere have good charlotte wallpaper for their computers, denoting their fandom, and if you go to an all-ages club for an emo rock show, you can expect to hear some kids reciting good charlotte music lyrics. The former beau to clean cut teen pop singer, Hillary Duff, the union between Joel Madden and Nicole Richie seemed like a strange one. However, it seems like a bit of joel madden’s goody two-shoeness has made quiet an impact on Nicole Richie. Recently the couple finally answered the question of is nicole richie pregnant with a resounding yes! While the thought of nicole richie pregnant would have elicited laughs just a few months ago, it has really contributed to the transformation of Nicole Richie’s public image. With a renewed commitment to living a healthy life and gaining pregnancy weight that allows her to look like an actual woman, Richie and Madden may be taking the next step of creating a lasting family. On August 17, radio station Hot 99.5 reported that they had good sources that confirmed that Nicole Richie and Joel Madden had recently gotten exchanged. With this story picked up by People Magazine, it seems like the screams of outrage that used to greet Nicole Richie’s antics will be transformed with screams of congratulations. So, congratulations Nicole Richie and Joel Madden!