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Michael Vick To Plea Guilty

On August 20, Atlanta Falcons quarterback and former future of the NFL Michael Vick completed his long fall from grace. It was just four years ago that michael vick was on top of the world. A gifted athlete that looked poised to redefine the quarterback position with his excellent ability to scramble had done something that seemed impossible. Facing the veteran Green Bay Packers led by heroic quarterback Brett Favre on the intimidating Lambeau Field, michael vick led the young underdog Falcons to an upset victory against the Packers, ending the Green Bay Packer’s undefeated playoff record at home. However, now Vick looks like he’s headed to prison ending a tumultuous few years that saw the quarterback accused of spreading genital herpes to unsuspecting sexual partners, give the finger to the home Atlanta crowd at the end of a game, be accused of trying to transport marijuana in a water bottle at Miami Airport and most damagingly the revelation of michael vick dog fighting activities. When news surfaced a few months ago that federal police had discovered an illegal dog fighting ring at a Virginia home that Vick owned, michael vick was quick to dismiss the charges. Claiming that he rarely visited the home and was being taken advantage by friends and family, Vick seemed committed to clearing his name in the michael vick dogfighting accusation. Asserting his innocence to NFL commissioner to Roger Goodell and Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank, Vick has changed his tuned and is now ready to face responsibility in the michael vick dog fighting case. It was announced that Vick was going to accept a plea deal that would become official on August 27. It marks a startling reverse in Vick’s life. Looking at the michael vick bio, it may be shouldn’t sound so surprising that he would be involved in such a horrible thing. While ashanti and michael vick are among the most popular African American figures in the country, there are major differences between the two. While ashanti is the princess of R&B, the michael vick personal story originally seemed like one of perseverance and overcoming long odds. Growing up in the harsh projects of Newport News in Virginia, michael vick was able to parlay his immense athletic ability into a scholarship with Virginia Tech and eventually being drafted as the first overall pick in the 2001 NFL draft. Although he was viewed as a role model early in his career, signs of another life could be seen by the actions of his younger brother, Marcus Vick, who sabotaged his own quarterbacking career by being thrown off Virginia Tech for numerous incidents. From being the NFL’s future to somebody that the NFL would like to wipe out of its collective memory, the michael vick dogfighting saga has been one of the most bizarre stories in a sad sumer of sports stories. While the michael vick indictment has not officially been released, it is suspected that he could face up to five years in prison and will have to pay a $250, 000 fine. The public reaction against michael vick has been enormous and media outlets often released gruesome accusations about the dog fighting operation called Bad Newz Kennels that involved a michael vick chew toy used to torture losing dogs and the execution of michael vick dogs that lost in their matches. When federal prosecutors reported that all of the co-defendents in the michael vick dog fighting case had agreed to plea bargains in exchange for testifying against Vick, it was the beginning of the end for Vick’s case. With potentially even more damaging charges involving illegal gambling being threatened against him, Vick must’ve felt like he was being suffocated with a michael vick dog chew toy. So now Vick has relented and will likely face at least a year of jail time. Talk about being thrown to the dogs.