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Hot New Hollywood Couple - Cameron Diaz and John Mayer?

Over the last year, the Hollywood story has focused on the various escapades of young Hollywood starlets doing bad things. However, news have surfaced that can be classified as good news. It seems that two of the most likable celebrities that so far have been unlucky in love may have found each other. Who are we talking about? Well one is an erstwhile guitarist that loves to sing unabashed pop songs and the other is a butt-kicking and shaking girl that put a new spin on the word ‘hair gel.’ Of course, we’re talking about Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle star Cameron Diaz and pop-rock supernova, John Mayer. Although many people were a bit surprised with the news as the two didn’t seem like they would run in the same circles, People magazine is currently reporting that the shaggy twosome have gotten cozy and may be approaching serious territory. Perhaps it was finding those cameron diaz topless photos that are circulating on the Internet, but it seems that the lyrically earnest Mayer has came to his senses. One look through john mayer lyrics and you will find a sensitive soul that has no problem telling his girl that her body is a wonderland despite the laughs that would undoubtedly get.
However, one look at the john mayer bio and you will see that it’s no such thing john mayer is that sensitive. The aspiring writer and occasional standup comic has been linked with a number of beauties that has made many of his female fans constantly alert of the john mayer dating situation. He had briefly dated former Party of Five star Jennifer Love Hewitt and was recently linked to Newlyweds star and ex-wife of crooner Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson. It was Mayer’s relationship with Simpson that caused many observers to wonder how old is john mayer? After all, Simpson rose to fame with a ditzy image that she played up on her show and Mayer seemed like he was above all of that. Even people who only care about Mayer because they want john mayer tabs to learn how to play his songs were bewildered with the relationship.
Female Mayer fans couldn’t fathom Jessica Simpson having john mayer daughters and it seemed like the relationship was doomed from the start. Sketch comedy shows like Saturday Night Live parodied the relationship and Mayer initially denied the coupling, responding in Japanese after American Idol host Ryan Seacrest asked him about it. While John Mayer may be best known for his short dalliances with young Hollywood, Cameron Diaz is the girl that captures men’s hearts and holds it at least for a little while. If you take a look at the cameron diaz gallery of high-profile boyfriends since her ascent to fame, you would only see three people - There’s Something About Mary co-star, Matt Dillon (dated 1995-1998), 30 Seconds to Mars front man and Diaz’s ex-fiancée, Jared Leto (dated 1998-2002), and current King of Pop, Justin Timberlake (dated 2003-2007). Although it seemed that ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake had quickly moved on from his relationship by being linked to bombshells Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Biel, Diaz seemed like it was going to take some time to move from Timberlake. However, this recent news may signify that Cameron Diaz has left JT in the past while the sight of john mayer comfortable is only a good thing.