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Lindsay Lohan Catches a Break

All of the lindsay lohan websites out there breathed a cyber breath of relief as news sources have indicated that the troubled starlet will be able to dodge a major bullet. Despite being caught twice in the span of three months possessing cocaine while being pulled over by police in separate bizarre DUI incidents, law enforcement officials seem to be willing to overlook this fact of the case. Although sexy lindsay lohan will still have to go to trial for her DUI charges, it appears that the district attorney in the case is planning on rejecting three potential felonies from the charges against Lohan. With the charges against naughty lindsay lohan to be filed on August 23, it seems that lindsay lohan fakes out the legal system with this news.
Perhaps the D.A. has caught a glimpse of a gallery of lindsay lohan containing lindsay lohan bikini pcitures and lindsay lohan in a thong. Maybe, the D.A. was staring at the lindsay lohan wallpaper that adorns their computer and felt that it would be wrong to file charges that will make the career of lindsay lohan over. Regardless of the district attorney’s reasons, it does seem a bit strange for them to drop serious criminal charges that would be somewhat easy to prove in a court of law. While Lindsay Lohan first gained national prominence as the fresh faced teen with a deep voice that charmed families in such Disney hits as The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday, she has really rocketed to stardom due to the fact that as she grew older it was apparent that lindsay lohan hot.
The respected actress of Mean Girls had been previously known for her work in film and music. However, in the past year the increasing number of lindsay lohan pictures that were available online has shown an often drunk and passed out Lohan. It hasn’t helped Lohan that lindsay lohan rumors were coming out daily that speculated who she slept with and showing lindsay lohan photos of the starlet wrecked. It’s been a tumultuous couple of months for Lindsay Lohan, whose partying exploits had made her run afoul of the law in a spectacular fashion this year. After leaving an early stint at rehab, lindsay lohan ultimately realized the error of her ways after she was arrested on May 26 a few days after leaving rehab for driving under the influence and possessing cocaine. In an effort to counter the negative perception against her, Lohan checked into the Promises treatment center where she completed a 45 day stay at the center. When she left Promises, people that tried to contact lindsay lohan about partying and drinking discovered that the actress was making a very public show of wearing an alcohol monitoring bracelet on ankle.
However, it would only be a few week before the world discovered lindsay lohan exposed. On July 24, Lohan was eventually charged for DUI again after a bizarre incident where an allegedly outraged Lohan chased her assistant and her assistant’s mother in a car chase. The assistant who had quit that day was apparently very shaken with the event. Busted, Lindsay Lohan is currently back at a rehab center in Utah where she is apparently dedicated to kicking her demons. With her current movie, I Know Who Killed Me coming and going from the big screen and many people wondering if Lohan had committed career suicide. However, if she able to avoid the much harsher cocaine possession charge and just go to trial on DUI charges, there’s a good chance that sexy lindsay lohan can rebound and reclaim her throne as a moderately successful young actress that gets more press than her work deserves. Good times.