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Foxy Brown Sent to Jail

It seems like this has been the year of jail time caused by irresponsible traffic violations. In a year that has seen Hollywood starlets like Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and Lindsay Lohan run afoul of the law, it’s now time for a hip hop star to get into the act. The last few years have been tough ones for Brooklyn rapper, Foxy Brown. The Brooklyn rapper rose to the top of the charts during her teenage years due to scene stealing cameos on songs by legends like LL Cool J and Jay-Z. Her debut album, Ill Na Na was an unqualified smash and foxy brown was part of an East Coast dream team crew The Firm that featured Nas, AZ, and Nature that was produced by West Coast producing legend Dr. Dre. However, all of these accolades came nearly ten years ago and the recent news of foxy brown arrested shows how much Foxy has fallen in recent years. If you listen to any foxy brown mp3 and scan through foxy brown lyrics, you would quickly learn that Foxy Brown is a tough woman. However, her penchant with feuds and her vocal displeasure with her record labels have led to the rapper being left in limbo over the last few years.
A recent bout with Sensorineural hearing loss in 2005 left the rapper completely deaf for a period of time. Hearing loss is damaging to any musician and it looked like Foxy Brown’s rapping career would come to an end. If you take a look at the numerous foxy brown galleries available on the Internet, you would quickly discover that Foxy Brown is quiet the looker. However, proving that she was more than a pretty face, foxy brown managed to overcome her hearing loss. Once her hearing was restored, foxy brown quickly announced plans on returning to her work. Repaired with childhood friend and former mentor Jay-Z, the hip hop community were eagerly anticipating the return of the Ill Na Na. Unfortunately, it seems that the toughness that Brown exhibited in foxy brown lyrics would be her downfall. The year before her hearing loss, foxy brown was involved in a physical altercation in a nail salon. Sentenced to three years probation and having to undergo mandatory anger management classes, Brown seemed upbeat that she was ready to change her life.
However, recent events showed that this wasn’t the case. Her partnership with Jay-Z ended with no records being released despite two albums rumored to have been recorded. More importantly, Brown couldn’t escape her violent past as she was involved in an altercation with a neighbor in Brooklyn where she allegedly assaulted her with a Blackberry. Shortly after the news of foxy brown arrested, Brown took a play out of the Nicole Richie playbook and announced that she was pregnant with her first child and was planning to get married. The potential for avoiding jail time would be dashed as the day after her arrest, Brown was pulled over after a police officer spotted her talking on a cell phone while driving and for running a stop sign. When the police stopped her, Brown attempted to lie about who she was. Once the ruse was blown, the police discovered that foxy brown was driving with a suspended license. As foxy brown had violated her parole terms, the rapper was sent to jail. However, perhaps some jail time in addition with the responsibilities of being a new mother may be just what foxy brown needs to get her career and life on track.