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Lindsay Lohan to Serve One Dail in Jail

The last few years has seen Lindsay Lohan rise to the top of celebritydom and drop to the level of pariah. Just a few years ago, lindsay lohan was being praised for making the difficult transition from child star to rising adult talent. Balancing a burgeoning music career with acclaimed acting performances, sexy lindsay lohan seemed on the fast track of international superstardom. With lindsay lohan pictures permanently on the front pages of the tabloids and other celebrities openly fantasizing of seeing lindsay lohan in a thong, it seemed that the world was ready to become the lindsay lohan ultimate fan. These days, naughty lindsay lohan is viewed as a girl that’s lucky.
Unfortunately the world has seen lindsay lohan exposed as a drug and alcohol addict. All of the lindsay lohan websites out there are busy trying to sift through all of the lindsay lohan rumors and right at this moment, yet another person is removing their lindsay lohan wallpaper from their computer. While it seems that things have cooled off in lindsay lohan hot career, Lohan has managed to catch a break in a way that people are now describing as a lindsay lohan fake out of the legal system. 2007 so far has been an exercise of sobriety for sexy lindsay lohan. The star of The Parent Trap and I Know Who Killed Me had abandoned rehab a few days before she was arrested for driving under the influence and for possessing cocaine on May 26. Attempting to avoid jail time and to curb her demons, naughty lindsay lohan promptly checked herself back into rehab – the Promises treatment facility in Malibu, California.
Although some commentators scoffed at Lohan’s attempt to rehab especially since there were so many lindsay lohan bikini pictures released at this time, Lohan seemed committed to cleaning up her act. Eschewing a scheduled party in Las Vegas for her 21st birthday, Lohan completed a 45 day stint at Promises. When she left Promises, lindsay lohan was vigilant about her commitment to sobriety. Online, you can find a gallery of lindsay lohan pictures showing the actress wearing an alcohol monitoring bracelet on her ankle, as a sign of her commitment to sobriety. Less than a month after naughty lindsay lohan left Promises, she was arrested again for a DUI. The day was July 24 and the bizarre incident has fostered numerous lindsay lohan rumors.
Apparently Lohan was chasing her assistant and her assistant’s mother in a car chase. When police eventually stopped Lohan, they discovered that she was possessing cocaine and was driving under the influence. At the day of her arrest, Lohan was vocal about being sober and blaming the incident on others. However, on August 23, Lohnan finally confronted her demons by pleading no contest to the two separate DUI counts. As punishment, sexy lindsay lohan will have to serve one day in jail, do 10 days of community service, attend an alcohol education program for 18 months and serve 36 months of probation. Lohan released a statement declaring her commitment to facing her alcohol and drug problems. She is currently at a rehab facility in Utah, where she seems committed to changing her around. The California justice department seem eagerly committed to giving famous people with drug and alcohol problems third chances for turning their life around. Good times all around.