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Hollywood Celebrities In The News

Celebrities…we love them…we hate them and we love to hate them.  Poor celebrities.  Well, actually, rich celebrities.  Maybe that’s why we hate them?  What a puzzle. The world of celebrity is truly a kaleidoscope of fame, envy, money, sex, boredom, success and failure…and worst of all, fading away. 

With celebrities it would seem that we love to cheer for the underdog, until that underdog (with the help of our support) achieves fame and status, then we condemn the celebrity for having sold-out.  At which point we wish for their demise or at least humiliation (and with the help of our disdain) they often do fail, only to be resurrected from the ashes of obscurity by our nostalgic impulses or even he finicky prudence of hipster kitschism.

Ahhhh, celebrity…Thank-you, from the bottom of our hearts.