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It’s amazing how big business the movie industry is within the world of entertainment. Although many people cite the rise of video games as being the future of entertainment, there is something irresistible and arresting about movies.
While books can examine stories and characters in a more in-depth fashion, movies are able to capture people’s imaginations by providing constant visual movement that only add depth to stories.
Video games allow people to interact with their entertainment but that’s one of the biggest appeals of films – they allow people to act solely as an audience and to mentally interact with movies in their own ways. In today’s world, the movie industry is bigger than ever. Although some critics and experts are afraid about how movies are going to adjust with the onset of technological innovations like laptop computers, Internet fuelled data transferring and personal video players, the popularity of recent movies can be seen in their box office earnings.
Out of the top twenty most successful movies in terms of worldwide box office grosses, twelve have been released in the last five years. Rather than limiting a movie’s capability to make money, new technology has only added new ways for people to watch movies. Many people prefer to download movies so they are able to watch it from the comfort of their personal computer. Others prefer to stream movies online.
The popularity of the iPod video player has made people seek out ipod movies that they are able to watch while traveling. Additionally, many wannabe auteurs are discovering that they have a great outlet for their home made movies by releasing them as free movies online. To this day, children around the world spend a great part of their time fantasizing about making it in the movie industry – whether as a movie maker or a movie star. Whether it’s new movies that you’re interested in, fringe gonzo movies that are considered classics in some subcultures, anime movies that kids are loving these days, panda movies, or the big budget harry potter movies, this article is a celebration of movies and the people that make them and star in them.
Watching old movies on the turner classic movies station or the latest hit online movies, it’s hard to not feel excited when watching a good movie. It’s enough for people to shout out to the world that i love movies! That spirit of enthusiasm has always been part of the movie industry and dates back to the early days of film in the 1880s. The last half of the 1800s was a time of great technological innovation.
One particularly important innovation was the development of the motion picture camera. Although movie fanatics that are obsessed about upcoming movies may look at these old, early silent films with a sense of bewilderment, these early silent films were enthusiastically received. It was the public’s fascination with these early short films that led to the rise of movie studios.
As movie technology evolved to incorporate color and sound, it was confirmed that people had a new favorite pastime – watching movies. For people that love to sit back after a hard day at work and watch some dvd movies to help them unwind, it’s easy to understand why movies had such a big appeal despite having early production values that can be compared to home movies.
Eventually, a studio system was created that led to early Hollywood triumphs. Generally credited as the first financially successful full length motion picture, D.W. Griffith’s The Birth of a Nation is often credited for starting the classical Hollywood era of movies industry that would continue up to the 1960s. Such classic movies as Gone With The Wind and Casablanca were produced and these movies are still considered favorites to this day.
After a lagging lull where movie studios were perplexed about what movies appealed to the burgeoning youth culture of the 1960s, the American film industry was revived with a period that is known as New Hollywood. At this time, movie studios gave their reigns to an emerging new class of directors and actors that were eager to craft personalized stories that would differ from the high cost musicals and historical epics that were so popular a decade ago. Some of the prominent movie figures that emerged from this era includes: Francis Ford Coppola (director of The Godfather series and Apocalypse Now), Martin Scorsese (director of Goodfellas, The Departed and Taxi Driver), Steven Spielberg (director of many, many popular movies), George Lucas (creator of the Star Wars juggernaut), Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty, Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, Gene Hackman, Dennis Hopper, Merryl Streep and Christopher Walken.
As movies have evolved into becoming bigger spectacles that are designed to take advantage of the massive multiplexes that dot through the world, it seems like now is the perfect time to be a fan of movies. From big budget movies that fully utilize the latest in CGI special effects to personal mature movies that people create with the intent of creating free movies to watch movies online, now is a hopeful time for the most seasoned professional movie directors to people making their first movies as experiments.
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