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Religions of the World

In most of Europe it’s Christianity, while in Japan it’s Shinto and Buddhism and in Haiti it’s Voodoo. Each country has developed a form of worship that greatly affects the way its people live and in most cases religions of the world develop as each country does.

Although Jerusalem is said to be the birthplace of the Christian movement this religion was responsible for coloring much of European history. It affected everything from the ethics that were instilled in the country’s people to the art and architecture that can still be seen in many European countries today.

Similarly Buddhism has shaped the culture in much of Japan and China with different versions emerging in various areas of each country. As with many religions of the world different types of Buddhism have evolved according to the locals in which they exist.

Voodoo is an example of how a religion can emerge as different groups of people from different backgrounds bring together their different rituals and beliefs to form a whole new religion. When slaves were brought from Africa to work in Haiti religion became a means by which to connect with others and a way to stay attached to their homeland.

Even people who do not worship a specific God or deity cannot help but be influenced by religions of the world. These belief systems have sculpted much of the earth’s landscape and likely will continue to do so for hundreds of years to come.