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Whether it’s because Tom Cruise credits it for inspiring him to overcome dyslexia or because John Travolta believes it helped him become an international success, Scientology has become an extremely popular over the past few decades, especially with Hollywood celebrities.

If you often find yourself wondering, ”What is Scientology?” you should known that scientology is a religion and life philosophy started by the author L. Ron Hubbard in the 1950s.

The Church of Scientology bases its teachings on the belief that each individual has the power to clear their spirit of past painful experiences through self-knowledge and spiritual fulfillment.

The actual word ”Scientology” comes from the Latin word ”scio,” which means ”to know” and the Greek word ”logos,” which means logic. In fact the term ”scientology” refers to the ability to know how to know.

Scientologists believe that this belief system is a route that a person learns to take in order to find truth within themselves. Most Scientologists also believe in fulfillment through positive actions.

Scientologists are taught that the goal of the religion is to understand one’s self and one’s own life so that, armed with this knowledge, a person can make the necessary changes in his or her own life where he or she sees fit.

Originally some of the main principles of Scientology are thought to have come from a system of self-improvement called Dianetics. Dianetics is a way of handling the energy within the body in such a way as to promote spiritual healing to alleviate stressful emotions and sensations.

Because when people speak of Scientology you very often hear them say things about ”John Travolta Scientology, Scientology Bonnie Raitt, Tom Cruise Scientology and Jamie Kennedy Scientology” below is a comprehensive list of celebrities who practice, or have practiced Scientology.

Celebrity Scientologists:

-         Kirstie Alley

-         Anne Archer

-         Catherine Bell

-         Sonny Bono

-         David Campbell

-         Nancy Cartwright

-         Erika Christiansen

-         Chick Corea

-         Tom Cruise

-         Jenna Elfman

-         Isaac Hayes

-         Nicky Hopkins

-         L. Ron Hubbard

-         Kimberley Kates

-         Geoffrey Lewis

-         Juliette Lewis

-         Peggy Lipton

-         Courtney Love

-         Christopher Masterson

-         Danny Masterson

-         Priscilla Presley

-         Lisa Marie Presley

-         Kelly Preston

-         Leah Remini

-         Giovanni Ribisi

-         Michael D. Roberts

-         Mimi Rogers

-         Billy Sheehan

-         Sharon Stone

-         Patrick Swayze

-         John Travolta

-         Edgar Winter